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Easy catering ordering - integrated feature in Pronestor Planner

Now, you can turn to an established yet unique set of tools to book and manage the workflow and booking of corporate kitchens and canteens. Kitchen managers, chefs and staff can tell at a glance what they need and how many people need service. Accounting information is available on reports and works directly with your financial solution.

And staff that need catering – either in the canteen or restaurant, or right at the meeting room table – can book what they want, when they want it, reschedule, cancel and manage their booking easily and quickly.

Save Time, Reduce Waste, Plan More Effectively
The old way of ordering refreshments for a meeting is laborious, time-consuming, difficult to administer and prone to error. With Pronestor Catering, you simply book what you want from your desktop, the kitchen and canteen management know exactly what you need and they can order accordingly. It’s joined-up catering.

Who will Benefit from Pronestor Catering?
Any organization with internal catering facilities will wonder how they managed without Pronestor Catering. From large corporates and government organizations to smaller enterprises will benefit from the advantages Pronestor Catering offers. Literally any company or organization with a staffed catering facility should take advantage now.

Key Features

On Your Server or Hosted in the Cloud – Whatever Suits You Best.

Pronestor Catering is totally flexible. If you work in a larger enterprise, it might be more convenient to install the software on your in-house servers. Alternatively, the solution can be hosted. Either way, Pronestor Catering doesn’t interfere with or disrupt your existing email or calendar solutions and you don’t have to make any changes to how you work already.

Hosted Pronestor Catering - data security: All data is stored in an Amazon data center in compliance with the highest level of security processes in the market.

For a detailed report on the Amazon Web Services security processes - please see the following white paper

Multiple Languages 

We currently support six languages: English, French, Flemish, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. So Pronestor Catering is a great solution that speaks the most common corporate languages. If you need a language supporting specifically, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Technical Requirements

Pronestor Catering only require a Microsoft server with an Internet Information Service (Web Server), and a MSSQL Server on the server back-end.

The clients can access Pronestor Catering using either a newer Web Browser or their Outlook Desktop version with our add-in for Outlook.

Contact us if you need further information.

  • Microsoft Server 2008/2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
  • Internet Information Server 7.0 or newer
  • Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.5
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013/Office365 – when add-in is required

Pronestor’s product demonstration

Why not see the solution in action? Sign up for a non-obligated product demonstration showing you all the benefits of using a more simple scheduling software for catering orders

Catering is part of Pronestor Planner

When you integrate Pronestor Planner with Pronestor Visitor, your receptionists will be fully and professionally briefed to welcome important visitors. Everyone can be pre-registered. And with Pronestor Display, the meeting your visitor is attending can be displayed in reception, in the meeting room area and at the door of the room itself.

Need to order refreshments? No problem. Pronestor Planner includes catering so everything for your meeting can be arranged in advance, expenses are sorted and the whole booking process runs smoothly in one workflow.

Pronestor Meeting Management Suite

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