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Works Across Multiple Locations and Time Zones

In today’s global economy, we often have to operate internationally and, inherently, across multiple time zones and, with larger organizations, in different locations. It’s a fact of life. But Pronestor Planner makes life easier. It understands locations and time zones and meetings so everything is scheduled appropriately. It also works in six of the most popular languages spoken around the world so meetings and resources can be managed flawlessly.

Example of Time Zone and Location Intelligence

Imagine you want to schedule a video or teleconference for the ‘home’ offices for London, New York and Madrid. Working with Outlook, Pronestor Planner understands the time differences and allows you to see them so you can plan effectively.

So London is set to GMT, New York is GMT-5, and Madrid is GMT+1. A meeting organizer in London can see that it would be inconvenient scheduling for 9am because it’ll be 4am in New York. So instead they schedule for 2pm London time making it 9am in New York and 3pm in Madrid.

All the meeting times are shown to the invitees in their local time. What’s more, you’ll have a complete overview of which rooms are available and when so you’ll find appropriate time slots fast.

Know the Remote Rooms’ Facilities

So you want your meeting between the London, New York and Madrid offices to be a videoconference. You’ll only be interested in rooms that have videoconferencing facilities. No problem.

Even if you’ve never seen the room, Pronestor Planner lets you filter by which rooms are equipped, with what, and shows them in a clear overview.

What’s more, where facilities allow, you could even order catering for the remote offices. Coffee for New York, tea for London and water for Madrid – just as an example.

Location Specific Setups and Permissions

Pronestor Planner lets you set the needed permissions for the relevant users, per location, for instance. There could be a canteen for each location in Brisbane, Sao Paulo and Hamburg. Each individual canteen has different menus, pricing and administrative users.

Pronestor Planner ensures appropriate access and permission is set per location, so only the local administrative users can access their own menus to change prices, add new items to the menu, change quantities on orders, print reports, and so on.

Pronestor Meeting Management Suite

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