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Outlook Integration - Seamless and Simple

For users, interacting with Pronestor Planner to arrange meetings, order catering and reserve other resources is easy because it integrates with Outlook. And it’s there, right in the toolbar. That way, it’s immediately familiar to anyone that uses Outlook. There’s no training required for end users. For IT, it integrates with your existing Outlook solution robustly, so installation is minimal and it will work out of the box. It’s transparent, complete and gives total control over resource booking and allocation

One Workflow

You’ll save time because Pronestor Planner works with your meeting appointment/invitation and gives you a unique overview of all the meeting rooms available. Pronestor Planner helps you find the room you need by filtering them based on what you need. How many seats, video-conferencing equipment, projectors and so on. In the same view, you’ll also see the availability of the required attendees. At the same time, you can reserve and order the needed catering services for your meeting as well. One workflow. One process. One solution.

Book a Room in Seconds Flat

From the calendar, just get a list of the rooms available for your meeting. Click the name on the meeting room to book and reserve it – just like that. If your organization has more locations and sites and your meeting rooms are categorized, the list is easy to navigate, and available meeting rooms are easy and fast to find.

Meeting Attendees

All your meeting attendees from your invitations are automatically stored in Pronestor Planner. In this way Pronestor Planner holds all relevant meeting information for documentation purposes and statistics. Lists and reports can be printed by e.g. receptionists with all meeting attendees for all meetings for the day. When using the Pronestor Visitor solution the external meeting attendees are automatically pre-booked/pre-registered, so prints of name badges are done even more simple and fast.

Additional Resources Follow Your Meeting

Meetings are cancelled, rearranged, recurred, postponed or relocated all the time. That’s why, all the meeting’s assigned resources such as conference rooms, catering, AV equipment, video conferencing facilities, phones, and so on, follow the meeting appointment if it’s rescheduled. So, if a meeting appointment is cancelled, for example, the assigned resources will be released and reallocated.

Strong Outlook Integration

Pronestor Room integrates seamlessly, completely and with a remarkably simple non-Exchange server installation process. We’ve put major design consideration into our modular approach – each piece of Pronestor Room functionality is simply a plug-in. Even so, you won’t be on your own. Every client is individually assigned a professional project manager to help with implementation.

Non-Exchange Installation

Pronestor Planner can be cloud hosted for minimum disruption. Larger organizations might prefer a local on-premises server installation, and that can be accommodated as necessary. All we need is a Microsoft Web and  SQL Server on which to install the Pronestor software. No installation on the Microsoft Exchange Server is needed.

Get Started Fast

We have a standardized, trusted and tested workflow to allow Pronestor Planner to be implemented easily and quickly. And right from the start in our kick-off meeting, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the functionality and facilities we provide – we guarantee to be upfront with you about what you’ll need, what you’ll receive and how long it will take.

Pronestor Meeting Management Suite

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