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Meetings Made More Manageable

Pronestor Meeting Management Suite is a sleek solution that makes your meetings more manageable.
It comprises Pronestor Display, showing staff what's on and where; Pronestor Room, so staff can book meeting rooms and spaces more efficiently; Pronestor Catering, for easy ordering and delivery of refreshments; and Pronestor Visitor, for the most professional welcome your visitors could possibly receive.

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Resource Management Made Easy

When you manage your facilities and office resources more effectively, more efficiently, you’ll see a positive impact on your bottom line. Pronestor Room empowers employees to book resources such as meeting rooms, workstations, vehicles, break-out zones, right from their desk. And administrators get access to powerful tracking and reporting data that will refine and improve the way the organization runs as a whole

Pronestor Room.png


Catering Management Made Manageable

Did you know Pronestor has a custom-made booking solution for catering? It’s tailor made for corporate catering and the professionals that work in the field. Additionally, smaller kitchens providing catering for companies will benefit from Pronestor Catering and companies with an internal kitchen or canteen will also be able to take advantage of all the benefits Pronestor Catering offers.

Magnificently managed meetings, with Pronestor Display

Pronestor Display is a comprehensive meeting planning and display solution. It dynamically illustrates what’s on, when a room is booked, when the room is free, what the meeting is about, and who’s hosting the meeting or event - on a display at any meeting room, in reception or from your Outlook calendar. You can interact with Pronestor Display easily, without any training – you already know how to use it.

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Pronestor Visitor.jpg

Your Trusted and Innovative Solution to Visitor Management

You get a complete overview of all your visitors, automated notification when they arrive, and they can be out-registered either by the receptionist or the visitor can scan their own name badge. Reporting lets you see who’s been where and to see whom. You can give them WiFi access when they enter – and it will be turned off again automatically when they leave. Pronestor Visitor can handle multiple entry points across multiple locations.

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