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Welcome to the new era of Pronestor 2018

Pronestor 2018


We present you with our newest upgrade – Pronestor 2018. The new software update has enhanced design for the end-user making each step in the booking process more convenient.

Our foe is complication, which is why we continuously strive to enhance and reduce the workload to your booking process.

With this latest upgrade, you can re-schedule your meeting, ordered catering items and booked equipment in one flow; you only need to change date and time. The entire booking flow is available on any of your smart devices enabling bookings on the go. 

Mobile support 

The key feature for our 2018 upgrade is the new mobile support. Creating convenient and flexible booking options are a main target. So, with the mobile feature, you are able to do bookings on-the-go. The best part of it: you can access your booking portal through any smart device as we have implemented a browser size that adapts to whatever device you are using.

Download our mobile support as a shortcut on your smart device. Use the link below to get started;

New calendar view 

We have changed the layout on your calendar view to make the booking experience more user-friendly. The new design will provide you with an overview, where bookings and rescheduling are executed through one booking portal.

We continuously strive to eliminate complex features and our optimized calendar view is another step in the right direction. 

Rescheduling in one  flow

A seamless booking flow is everything. With our new upgrade, you will experience that when you change your booking, it will all be centralized in one booking flow. All you need to do is edit date and time of your meeting, and the system will guide you to finalize your booking. Easy and simple. 

Click on the link below to get guidance;

Wayfinders for Area Displays


The new upgrade does not leave out our display solution. That's why new have enhance a feature, which will enhance the daily business. How? For your Area Displays, wayfinders have been integrated showing you the exact direction of your meeting room. Eliminate time wasted searching for your room with our newest feature for Display Solution. A simple and manageable overview increases yours professional reputation - internally and externally.

In addition, our Room Displays can now be timed for out-of-office hours. The night-time mode reduces around-the-clock electricity consumption - on the long run, increases the life cycle of your display screens.  

Click on the link below to be redirected as to how to configure your displays. 

Are you interested in webinars on-demand? Write us at [email protected] and we'll send you a demonstrational video of the new features. This service is only available for existing customers. 

For others, are you interested in a demo? Write us at [email protected]

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