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Pronestor Room

Manage All Your Resources with Pronestor Room

Pronestor Room allows employees to book resources such as meeting spaces, equipment etc. in one streamlined workflow right from their desk or mobile.
Take advantage of simplified calendar views, approval workflows, and reporting to empower your enterprise and use bookable resources more efficiently.

Pronestor Room can work as a standalone, or integrate directly with Exchange or Office 365.


Use your mobile for bookings

Get our mobile support supporting iOS, Android and Google. Creating convenient and flexible booking options are a main target. So, with the mobile feature, you are able to do bookings on-the-go. The best part of it: you can access your booking portal through any smart device as we have implemented a browser size that adapts to whatever device you are using.

Download our mobile support as a shortcut on your smart device. Use the link below to get started;

Keep Rooms in MS Exchange – book from any device

Install. Connect to MS Exchange. Go! 

Installing Pronestor Room and performing a proof of concept is simple. Keep your room resources on the MS Exchange server and install Pronestor Room on a web server. Connect the two - the rest is migrated automatically.

You don’t have to make any changes to how you work already. Book meeting rooms in Outlook as usual – from any device!

On Your Server or Hosted in the Cloud – Whatever Suits You Best

Pronestor meeting room booking system is totally flexible. If you work in a larger enterprise, it might be more convenient to install the software on your in-house servers. Alternatively, the solution can be hosted. Either way, Pronestor Room doesn’t interfere with or disrupt your existing email or calendar solutions.

Hosted Pronestor Room & Catering - data security: All data is stored in an Amazon data center in compliance with the highest level of security processes in the market. 

For a detailed report on the Amazon Web Services security processes - please see the following white paper

Pronestor Room user interface and booking flow

The Pronestor Room & Catering User interface is intuitive and user friendly. The flexible tabs and random booking flow gives you a simple booking experience. The time you spend on booking meeting rooms and other resources for your Outlook appointment is brought down to a minimum.


Pronestor Room Supports the Following Languages

We currently support six languages: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, French and Flemish so Pronestor Room is a great solution for much of Europe and North America. If you need a language supporting specifically, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Technical Requirements

Pronestor Room and Catering only require a Microsoft server with an Internet Information Service (Web Server), and a MSSQL Server on the server back-end.
The clients can access Pronestor Room and Catering using either their Web Browser or their Outlook Desktop version with our add-in for Outlook.

Contact us if you need further information.

  • Microsoft Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016
  • Internet Information Server 7.0 or newer
  • Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.5
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013/Office 365 – when add-in is required
  • Anonymous SMTP sending permissions

Pronestor’s webinaring it

Sign up for our free webinars and discover much more about Pronestor’s Meeting Management Suite and find out how we can help you optimize your booking work flow.

Fully Integrated with the Whole Pronestor Suite

When you integrate Pronestor Room with Pronestor Visitor, you visitors will automaticlly be pre-registered. Your receptionists will have the full overview and will be professionally briefed to welcome all visitors.
With Pronestor Display, the meeting your visitor is attending can be displayed in reception, in the meeting room area and at the door of the room itself.
Need to order refreshments? No problem. Pronestor Room also integrates with Pronestor Catering so everything for your meeting can be arranged in advance, expenses are sorted and the whole booking process runs smoothly in one workflow.

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